Friday, December 07, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Hi Friends:

With great pleasure and satisfaction I can tell you that I approved my last test to finally become a lawyer. My eternal gratitude to those that gave me their best wishes before the test.

The exam was actually NOT what I expected. I was presented in front of 6 experienced lawyers, one of them a man with more than 25 years of being a judge. But the questions were more like conversation-styled, with the purpose, I think, of trying to make the student feel comfortable and not intimidated.

After 30 minutes of this interview-like test, they told me it was enough, and gave me a grade of 90! 

Now comes graduation, though when I do not know yet.

See ya,

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Graduate test topics

Today I received the topics that I must present at my test. Let me explain to you how the test is going to go:

The test, an oral exam, lasts 1 hour. The student is presented in front of a jury, composed normally of 3 to 5 members. During the first 15 minutes, the student must present the first topic assigned. During the next 15 minutes, the student must present the second topic. And the remaining 30 minutes are dedicated to what I call "Fire at Will": the jury will ask whatever they want, about whatever they want.

Well, today, 4 days before test, they gave us candidates the topics to present. Mine are the following:

Topic I
Equity and private property
Luckily for me, I got his topic, not only one that I enjoy a lot, but one that I dominate confidently.

Topic II
The concept of family at its historical evolution
Honestly, I do not enjoy Family Law. But luckily, I got a very simple topic. Here, I have to talk about the concept of family from a legal perspective, as well as how the family and its law have evolved across time.

The test begins on Wednesday, 5th December.
Wish me luck :-)


Blog topic changes

Hello friends:

Since I belong no longer to COMSER, it is natural to change this blog to something else. Therefore, I've decided to make this blog my personal blog, not just of topics related to my work on the Red Cross.

However, for those of you interested on the Red Cross, this blog's archive will still maintain those posts that I've made.

I hope you will enjoy this new blog, and please, feel free to leave comments whenever you like!