Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One weel till deadline

In exactly 8 days, I will be doing my final graduation test. I will have to prove a tribunal of respected and experienced lawyers, that I deserve to be considered one of them too.

Now, the dynamic is going to be as follows. The test is oral, that is, no written questions, no presentations or powerpoints, no nothing but yourself and your words. They are going to give me 2 topics to talk about during 30 minutes, and after that, they will open “fire at will” and ask about anything they deem appropriate. But, what can they ask about? Anything of what I’ve studied during the last 4 years: obligations, commercial law, property law, General Theory of the Contract, Family Law, Labor law and Criminal Law, among others. So yeah, I’ll have to dodge some bullets, just as Neo.

The problem with an oral test is that you do not have time to think: once they ask you a question, you either answer it or not. You cannot erase your answers, or think it over for 5 minutes as you would do on a written test. Furthermore, you must speak and appear to have complete dominance of the exercise, that is, the vocal tone and body language play an important role here.

Anyway, whatever happens, I am well prepared for it: I have been intensively studying for more than 2 months now, successfully approved the preparation-test (which is an oral exam too), and thoroughly reviewed the laws, theories and jurisprudence of our courts. Whatever comes, I’m ready to charge against it, or die trying :-)

In one week, I expect to gladly communicate to all of you that I have become a lawyer.

See ya,

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