Friday, January 11, 2008

Bye bye beloved friends

So, it finally happened:

After nearly 4 years of uninterrupted service, my Rudy Project sunglasses died today while skiing.

For those of you who know me, you'll know how important these sunglasses have been. They have accompanied and protected my eyes while doing everything: skiing, rodeln, jogging, rappeling, shooting, rescues, etc.

Along the way, they have done much more than protect my eyes from the sun, but they have also been struck with shrapnel while shooting, with dust and rocks while rappeling, splashed with blood, oil and other substances while working at the Red Cross, and so much more. These fellows have withstood much more, I am sure, than what they were actually designed to resist.

I will always remember them for their almost perfect and loyal service, and if you wish to buy the BEST protective sunglasses on Earth, be sure to buy the Rudy Project Ketyum. They are expensive, but worth every single cent.

Here you'll see the last picture of them: h-2007-wint/dscn0075.html

Some photos of them at service:
Holmatro Motor Vehicle Crash course: raciones-y-en/curso-holmatro-2007/dsc0136.html

Rope rescue: raciones-y-en/demostracin-rescate/dsc02205copy.html

Structural collapse rescue training in Texas, USA: iones-y-en/curso-texas-2005/fotos-texas-fire-tr-1/ ml

While rodeln: ich-2006--aus/dsc0023.html

See you, old friends...


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Zinna said...

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